Brighton's monthly art and craft fair
at the historic Friends Meeting House

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Brighton Craft Fair at the historic Friends Meeting House, in central Brighton.

From soup, savouries, homemade cakes, and cookies to hot and cold drinks, we've always got lots of tempting treats at tempting prices in the Brighton Craft Fair cafe.


Take a break from your shopping and pop in for something to eat and drink!

Feast your eyes on our menu below (subject to change):



Cafe Menu

  Soup of the Day & Roll    £2.50
  Cheese Scone    £1.00
  Toastie    £1.50
  Slice of Cake   £1.50
  Cookie   £1.00
  Crisps   £0.50
  Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate   £1.00
  Cold Drinks/Squash   £1.00


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